Welcome to the programming page. Below is a list of languages I've programmed in and some projects I have worked on or created. Some of these projects are still actively working, others were of a limited scope and some are simply not active any longer. Projects that are still active include hyperlinks for you to examine. I have also included some misc. projects that are on or examples that I have created for the purpose of this website.

Programming Languages:

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • LSL (Linden Scripting Language)
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL (Typically via PHP)


  • PHP/JavaScript/HTML/XHTML: The page you are looking at is built via all four scripting languages. Feel free to check the pages against the website or use their validator. With PHP, I've found it's not as structured as most other languages but I've found it works great for solving problems in the world of web pages. Unlike JavaScript, PHP lets me keep a barrier between the server and the client. I've used PHP in conjunction with LSL to communicate from the Secondlife VR to a backend server to handle databases, report information, and track VR game usage. JavaScript also offers some the same abilities. The difference is JavaScript is not a secure method and the code is visable to users.
  • Pico AI (Formerly GL5x): Pico was influenced by Ractor. Quasi-A.I. and the theory behind A.I. has fascinated me. Since the mid-1990s I have been working and tweaking a program that I referred to as GL5x. It started as a program in QBasic using fuzzy logic to mimic (not replicate) human conversation. It first used multiple text files that it would read through to find definitions and responses. Over time I moved the program to C/C++, then Java, and more recently into PHP. With Java and PHP I was able to shift over to a SQL database structure and used it as an assistant of sorts and for fun. Pico is live on the server but I cleaned the SQL database significantly. Some of the things I have used Pico for:
    • Using fuzzy logic, mimic humanistic communications and actions
    • Search server log files for potential cyber attacks or patterns (via Filter5 routines)
    • Create definitions and explanations of more complicated tasks
    • Cure general boredom, essentially chat bot functions
    • Create algorithms to decipher standard English phrases and derive contextual meaning
    • Help me find the TV remote control every time I lose it! (just kidding)
    Pico can be played with Here. and the instructions for Pico are located here.
  • Filter5: When I first started using VPS systems for webservers I employed fail2ban, a very common admin tool. Fail2ban though, lacked analytical tools for scouring logs that span days. I became bored with scouring logs for common IP addresses that would continually attempt to compromise the servers I used. I created Filter5 as an experimental method of setting perm bans on IPs that would be more aggressive. I haven't done much with Filter5 in a while though. The program was written in C and will hopefully get a revisit. You can find the code on my github page.
  • Java: Java is probably my least favorite thing. While I had to learn it in college, it has fundamental weaknesses but some benefits. I use OSX, Win10, and Ubuntu computers at home. I can write and compile a program in Java and it runs on all three machines. The downfall is that Java is the least secure way to access critical assets or create encryption methods as the binary files require obfuscation to prevent reverse engineering the software, algorithms, and methods.
  • LSL/Secondlife
    • Systec anti-griefer programs: LSL program used in for assisting in anti-malicious interactions from users with malicious intentions and nothing better to do.
    • Pico AI: for a short time I brought Pico into SL to use as a help bot
    • Wonderful World of Meeroos: The scanner implementation used to populate the databases. Permitted cross platform communication between inside a VR environment to back-end servers that feed a web-page based search engine.
    • Misc. other projects including small games, mail handlers, and server status reports
  • My github page, although mostly sitting dormant is located here.