PCs and Hardware

I've done a fair amount of different projects that fall into this category with multiple operating systems. PCs in general have changed since I put together my first 8088 CPU system. Since then I have dealt with systems based on IBM, Intel, AMD, and many other processors. Some have been set up as dual-boot or multiple OS boot optioned machines, others as solo OS. When you start dealing with desktop systems in this class you run into a plethora of options that includes hardware configurations, software profiles, memory requirements, and storage mediums. Below are some of the system types I have worked on.

System Platforms:

  • Windows:
    • Basic Windows (3.11 ~ 95, 7, 8, 10) home computers
    • Gaming systems
    • Crypto-mining rigs
    • Office Desktops (MS Office, server linking, printer linking)
    • Windows CE terminals
  • Mac / Apple:
    • iMac / MacMini setup/install
    • MacBook Pro/Air setup/install
    • MacPro setup/install
    • Mac remote host setup
    • Hackintosh Variants
  • Linux:
    • Desktop setup (Ubuntu/Debian/X11)
    • Server installation (LAMP, Webserv)
    • Remote services (Storage, database, backup)
    • Server hosting (ShoutCast, OpenSim, LAMP)
    • Crypto-Mining Rigs

Data Duplication/Recovery

  • Duplication/Transfer
    • Norton Ghost, Paragon, Hirems - Windows Systems
    • Disk Utility, Carbon Copy - MacOS
    • GParted - Linux
  • Data Recovery
    • Norton Ghost, Paragon, Hirems - Windows
    • Hirems, Disk Utility, Carbon Copy - MacOS

Hardware/Software Install and Upgrades

  • Hardware
    • CPU/Motherboard Installs
    • Memory/Harddrive Upgrade
    • Graphics Cards/Peripheral Upgrade
    • Custom system componants install (Video Monitoring, etc.)
  • Software
    • OS upgrades/installs (Single and multi-boot)
    • Driver updates, patches, configurations
    • OS structure transfers (Journal, FAT, Fat32, NTFS)