Networking cover a huge amount of ground, literally and figuratively speaking. The first network I set up was between two 80286 desktops via RS232 crossover cable for LAN, and dial up modems to play what is now archaic games and browse BBSs (Bulletin Board Service). Since then networks have come a long way and data speeds are phenominal. Below is a rehash of some networks I've worked with and the projects involved.


  • LAN: (Campus, Small Business, and Home Networks)
    • Ethernet cable termination and routing
    • Switch/Router setup / Filtering
    • Website restriction / Domain Filters
    • Closed/Secure Network Installation (air-gapped)
    • Storage/Hosted drive servers
  • WiFi/Wireless: (Campus, Small Business, and Home networks)
    • MAC/IP Filtering
    • SSID Restriction and Stealth modes
    • Multiple AP and Repeater setup
    • Multi-band coverage and distance estimations
  • WAN/WWW: (Small business and Experimental servers)
    • Server-to-Server links and remote storage
    • Port-to-Port tunneling and SSH
    • Firewall and IPv4/IPv6 restriction
    • Domain filtering and dual layer authentication security
    • Geo-locational blocking and whitelisting