About Me

I'm a 20yr veteran of the United States Air Force where my duties included aircraft maintenance, fabrication, field engineering, CNC programming, and leadership roles. I've also grown up around a father who worked in the telecommunications fields and worked on infrastructure that we now all rely on and refer to as the internet. Over the course of growing up I learned how to navigate multiple OSs, communications basics, programming, networking, wiring, and a host of other principals. I continued taking a hobbyist approach, and at 16 I earned an Amateur Radio license. When I retired from the Air Force I decided I wanted to persue the technology field and enrolled in college.

The College realized that I had a deep knowledge base, and the head of the computer science dept. quickly opened a position up for me to tutor other students under a federal work study program. I helped students that ranged from taking their first Intro to Computer Science courses, and through second year programming and networking. During the course of tutoring I also worked on projects with a small gaming company handling seasonal and 'game-inside-a-game' type aspects and some web based projects. In the course of working on small projects I met a mentor whose knowledge base I still pull from to this day.

Over several years I have had multiple projects that ranged from web site development, computer design and assembly, fuzzy logic based AI's, communications experiments, and at one point I developed, deployed, and maintained a server for a friend that needed expert help working on her dissertation. The server hosted a platform for school-age children to determine the viability of using virtual reality as a reliable medium for education. In each project I've worked on, I've learned, grown, and continually found ways to accomplish tasks and develop new methods.

Right now I am currently looking for work in the tech sector. I have been working as an Uber Driver Partner full time while applying for jobs. For the past year I have had several interviews and one gov't contractor that was in the process of hiring me (I was supposed to start in January and never got an honest answer of what happened when they cut the hiring process). I am interested in several aspects in the field, although as with anything... cutting edge technology always interests me.

This server was set up as part of my resumé in hopes of locating work faster. I have left some easter eggs for the people that dig hard enough. Thanks for taking the time to read this and browse my server. If you have decided to interact with some of the 'toys & tools' I set up, I always enjoy "critical" feedback. Critical does not mean positive or negative, but it means feedback that is useful to me learning another way or better approach.